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If you're looking to upgrade your cart with new EZGO golf cart accessories, you have come to the best place to do it! EZGO golf carts are known for their quality design and reliability since all the way back in the s - and are the golf cart brand of choice for many of the most prestigious golf courses in the world!

While EZ-GO golf cars are great for the golf course, they can be used and enjoyed in many other ways for all sorts of other driving activities, recreation and light transportation. These golf carts can handle many terrain types, and can be modified and customized to become even more capable than they are from the factory!

But when it comes to EZ-GO golf cart accessories, with such a wide variety of brands, price points and different aftermarket EZGO products on the market; how do you decide what is the best for your cart? That's where we come in. We are the leading experts on all things EZGO golf carts in the nation! Stand out from the crowd. Don't see the golf cart parts you're looking for? Give us a call at today.

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Home EZ-GO. Call Toll Free: E-Z-GO is a reputable brand that is known for not only being the first to start producing golf cars back inbut also for its reasonable prices and quality golf cars. E-Z-GO did not rest on their laurels. Inafter years of extensive testing, they introduced the first ever Lithium battery-powered golf car which they branded the ELiTE series.

ezgo rxv

I have done some additional research on the vehicle and here is what I found. If I were in the market for a reliable low-maintenance electric golf car, this is the first vehicle I would consider for the following reasons. Think Tesla, which also uses an AC induction motor. This technology was first introduced to golf cars during the RXV Electric 48V debut and has proven itself as a very efficient and reliable technology. The AC motor brake brought a novel idea to electric golf cars.

When the accelerator is released, and the golf car is coasting or going downhill the AC motor ceases propelling the golf car, and instead, becomes a brake and generator. When this happens, the motor brake slows the vehicle down while also engaging regenerative braking and transferring that kinetic motion energy back to the batteries.

The automatic parking brake was revolutionary when it was introduced because of its convenience and increased safety. When the golf car speed sensor and controller detect that the golf car has come to a stop, an automatic electric parking brake engages which prevents the golf car from inadvertently rolling.

E-Z-GO holds the patent on the IntelliBrake technology, so if you want this feature on your golf car, they are the only show in town. When E-Z-GO was designing and testing the integration of lithium batteries, they tested several battery manufacturers. They chose Samsung as the sole manufacturer. The Samsung SDI Lithium batteries are actually a modular design consisting of modules of batteries with each module rated at 56 Volts, 30 Ampere hour Ah capacity.

The lowest battery configuration offering is an ELiTE 2. The 4. But combining the best features of the 48V with the advanced Samsung SDI lithium battery really is an exciting combination, particularly when you take away the greatest negative with electric golf cars; battery maintenance. The Samsung SDI lithium battery requires no maintenance ; none, nada, zip, zilch. What does that mean? Well, anecdotally, if you were to fully charge your ELiTE vehicle at the beginning of winter Novemberthere is a real possibility that you may come back to a fully charged vehicle in April.We have over 4, EZGO golf cart parts categorized by make, model and year to make your life easier.

Not only do we have the parts, but we also have a large amount of EZGO golf cart parts manuals. Other online part sellers make you purchase the manual itself. At CartPros, we believe the more informed you are about your golf cart and purchase, the better off you and your vehicle will be.

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Well, for technical purposes, it is E-Z-GO, however the name of the manufacturer is actually Textron. They were one of the original golf cart manufacturers since the s, and their main competitor is Club Car.

In addition, they also manufacture Cushman utility vehicles as well.

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Whether you have an electric or gas EZGO, the suspension, body, and braking system stays relatively the same. The powertrain changes though. Overall, the most common replacement parts are brake shoes, brake drums, bearings, leaf springs, wheel hubs, and tires.

On your EZGO electric golf cart, the most common parts for replacement outside of the suspension system is your motor and controller. These can be tricky to diagnose and troubleshoot in case you are having issues. Be extremely careful if you decide to work on it yourself. We forgot to mention golf cart batteries as well. Primarily because we do not sell lead acid batteries here at CartPros. To understand more on batteries, we recommend you go to Golf Cart Resource to learn more about golf cart batteries.

On your EZGO gas golf cart, the most common parts for replacement outside of the suspension system are smaller parts such as the air filters, fuel filters, spark plus, and belts.

Outside of these wear and parts, other often replaceable parts are the starter generator and clutch assemblies. So, now that we are familiar with the manufacturer a bit, we can discuss all the Textron parts you need and how CartPros is going to help. Now, Textron does have their own system that you can buy parts from called shopezgo, however the prices are a bit high. At CartPros, we will continuously work hard to improve your purchasing experience and get your parts on you doorstep as fast as possible.

Our CartFiT technology will allow you to sort through by make and model. If you are unsure of which model you have, then no worries, we have a simple tool that will allow you to select your model EZGO based on its picture. From golf cart seat covers to golf cart lift kits and wheels.

We even have some awesome light kits that can be installed by you as well. Find the right accessory to spruce up your cart today. If you are having trouble finding the parts you need near you, then CartPros is here to help.

Most of our parts are in stock and ship within 24 hours. Upon shipment, you will receive a tracking number so you know when your part will arrive.

Most of our shipments take only 2 days to arrive within the continental US. Time to forget waiting for your dealer to give you a call back or wait for them to get it in stock.

CartPros is here to get your cart moving again. Sign In. To understand more on batteries, we recommend you go to Golf Cart Resource to learn more about golf cart batteries On your EZGO gas golf cart, the most common parts for replacement outside of the suspension system are smaller parts such as the air filters, fuel filters, spark plus, and belts. Ball Joint Socket Set Of Say goodbye to ordinary.

A host of upgraded features, such as independent-front suspension, a spacious dash and an automatic parking brake on electric and ELiTE lithium models provide an unmatched ownership experience. Let the Freedom RXV bring your adventurous side out. Choose between three industry-leading powertrains all with different benefits designed to give you a one-of-a-kind golf cart experience. From the around the block to around the lake, there is an E-Z-GO for you. Build it your way and start living larger.

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Request a Quote. Express S6. Express L6. Freedom RXV. Freedom TXT. Gas 48V. Explore Line Up. Learn More. Search Search. Stop Chasing Your Dreams. Start Living Them. See Specs. Sell Sheet. Available Powertrains Choose between three industry-leading powertrains all with different benefits designed to give you a one-of-a-kind golf cart experience.

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Maintenance-free batteries with an unbeatable 8-year warranty. Vehicle Highlights. Your RXV can be the life of the party with rear-facing seating, upgraded weather protection, and the premium Bazooka Audio. Continue Building. Build a vehicle that will enable the whole family to ride in comfort and style with room for four, extra storage, and enhanced lights. Take a drive around in your new neighborhood vehicle with turn signals, comfortable premium seats and a modern kicker speaker.

Find a Dealer. Financing Options.Now with an unprecedented, 8-year battery warranty, your only worry is choosing where to go next. Ive waited forever for the perfect SUV, because Im super picky. These two had exactly what I was looking for and gave me a great deal to boot!

I will definitely be going to them again the next time Im in the market for a car. No pressure, no nonsense. Kyle K. This was my first time buying a car, let alone a a newer vehicle. So of course I was nervous but Russ and Ryan were extremely personable but still very professional, which made the entire experience so easy and comfortable! I would recommend these 2 to anyone and most definitely will be back if im looking for another vehicle.

Great owners and great quality vehicles.

ezgo rxv

I definitely will be doing business here again in the future. They were very helpful on getting me on the right track for my dream car in the future. Highly recommend stopping by and looking at the vehicles and meeting the owners. Would definitely deal with them again. They make you feel like a part of their family. They only deal in high quality vehicles. They are timely and in order. Also made sure I had everything I needed before leaving. Made this buying experience easy and pleasurable.

2020 EZGO RXV ELITE LITHIUM GOLF CART w/ 8yr WARRANTY!!! (www.I-5Motorsports.com)

Would recommend to anyone. All offers expire on close of the business day subject content is removed from the website, and all financing is subject to credit approval. Prices exclude tax. All transactions are negotiable including price, trade allowance, interest rate of which the dealer may retain a portionterm, and documentary service fee.

Any agreement is subject to the execution of contract documents. Every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this data. Please verify any information in question with a dealership sales representative. Horn New windshield and mirror New seats New 14" wheels and tires batteries New fold down backseat Led lights Mint Report Ad.

Email Poster Message.EZGO vehicles have been around for quite some time and have expanded their market presence the past few years with some innovative models. It was one of the first of its kinds to be introduced to the Golf Cart market. This is very advantageous for the average golfer since they do not have to engage the parking brake as they go to hit their ball each time. On the downside though, it is not the safest brake to use while driving, especially at speeds over 20 MPH. Also, since the motor brake runs off the battery power, if your batteries are dead, then the vehicle will not move until a service professional can get access to the vehicle.

They did have some major motor issues in the roll out of the new product, however, golfers have enjoyed the features. It would be recommended to avoid some of the to year models if looking to purchase.


Also, be aware that if the vehicle goes over 20 MPH because of modifications, then there is a significant higher chance of motor and controller failure since it could be prone to overheat. Freedom RXV Gas. Welded Steel with Powder-Coat Protection. Freedom RXV Electric. Injection Molded TPO. One, volt maintenance-free. Four, volt deep cycle. Two, 48V Lithium Ion. Motor shaft direct drive. Differential with helical gears. Limited Slip Differential. Double-ended rack and pinion.

Induction Motor. Self-compensating, single point engagement.

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Automatic Electro-Magnetic. Golf Cart Resource. Golf CartPTV. Electric, Gas. New, Used, Refurbished.Ezgo rxv will not go. Holland Enterprises jhollandent att. Today BGW.

ezgo rxv

Sponsored Links. Re: Ezgo rxv will not go. Well I have just discovered in my new cart that the solenoid should not click until you press the accelerator. Mine was clicking as the key was turned to F or R as the pedal was already depressed; it was stuck. Did you try to pull the pedal back all the way first? See my thread below. Originally Posted by jwhsr Here are the tests Bob is talking about.

Understanding the Power-up Sequence The car will perform the following checks during the first second of initial key - on.

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The car will not run if the controller detects a problem with any of the circuits above. Originally Posted by usgicollector. This is a summary of the RXV power up test.

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Quote: The RXV golf carts are some of the most sophisticated carts in existence. One of the things that many people don't know about with the RXV is that they have what is called a "power-up sequence.

Park brake check - it will engage and then disengage the electric brake to check parking brake function. Reverse alarm check - it will beep the reverse buzzer. Yes this means if you remove or disconnect the reverse buzzer on an RXV the cart will fail to run. Charger inhibit check - Checks to make sure the charger is not currently plugged into the cart.

Throttle switch check - Also called HPD or high pedal disable. Accelerator must not be pressed or the cart will not run. Throttle operation check - The cart makes sure the pedal registers both fully closed and fully open voltages correctly. Any of these checks not passing will cause the cart to not run.