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ro ghoul npc

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ro ghoul npc

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Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! Position, npc. Position - target. Idled:connect function. VirtualUser:ClickButton2 Vector2.

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Code clogs. Code t. Left c2. Code copied. GothamSemibold startfarming. GothamSemibold run. GothamSemibold ra2. GothamSemibold ra1. GothamSemibold mid. GothamSemibold low.It's been a while since I didn't write a strategy blog post, I should start writing one again by starting with something special!

Let's start now, shall we? Noro is not the best kagune to counter Eto, but you can spam its R move to Eto while blocking her somewhere. Takizawa's moves are straight, so it's better to use it against Eto in a wide area while dashing backwards because most of Takizawa's moves can't go through walls or attack downwards.

Most of T-Human's long range moves stun you while being used, but it can go through walls and its damage are good enough, it is recommended to use it while blocking Eto somewhere. Ginkui deals good damage, its F move can't go through walls but it can stun Eto for 3 seconds and its C move has a big shock wave, despite being hard to control, so it's better to use Ginkui in a wide area. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Keep a small distance between you and the boss and use long-range combos or moves.

It is not recommended to counter this move with short-range combos. E: The attack has a very long range, but its damage gets as weaker as further the enemy is. Also, Eto may damage herself with this move. If you think you have enough health to deal with the damage, charge in front of Eto while she is using this move and enjoy the opportunity to use a strong close range combo, but make sure to throw her away in the end.

R: This move makes Eto as fast as dashing, but stuns her in the end for mere seconds, its gap closer isn't very fast and its range is straight and medium. Almost like the E move, you can keep dashing backwards while using long range moves that won't stun you while being in use. F: The strongest move of Eto.

Strategies against Eto (Boss)

If you are about to get hit by the move, you can block to minimalize the damage. Countering this move is very hard. Categories : Blog posts Strategies.Ro-Ghoul features a wide variety of objects and environments to discover.

Players are given the choice to play as a member of one of two factions: a ghoul, or a member of CCG. The object of the game depends on the player's faction. No matter which faction the player belongs to, they must gain strength and complete quests to increase their Reputation with their particular faction. Players can also choose to fight each other, hang out with friends, organize competitions, or fight bosses to gain even more experience!

The results are in! Here are the winners: We've got valid votes this year and the top 5 ranking is what follows:. As you can see, our Wiki has drastically changed. Happy April Fools, people! This will be gone by to….

ro ghoul npc

Happy Spring, everyone! The first day of Spring began on the 19th 2 days ago and it does not feel…. If you've seen the Official Ro-Ghoul Discord Server, you may have noticed the new channel labeled "…. Do you like the Quinx?

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Please wait, submitting your vote Do you like the new "Specials" feature for ghouls? This will be gone by tomorrow. Is autoclicker allowed because if i use an autoclick and click on a dead body may character stop moving but if i reset i can move again.

The first day of Spring began on the 19th 2 days ago and it does not feel like Spring where I live Well, even if the wea…. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.Noro's Kagune is unique when compared to other kagunes. Along the base stemming from the tailbone Noro has very subtle yet apparent cracks in it's form, preventing any kind of smoothness on it's surface.

This stage is the first stage of the kagune. It takes on the form of a single lamprey-like mouth that is more than capable in combat. In this state it can steal attackers health and heal the user, however, this effect doesn't work if the victim has low durability or is too low of a level. None the less, this kagune is formidable in the right hands and can be an interesting kagune for the player.

This stage is the second stage of Noro. It is a Kakuja that takes the form of a giant, writhing Kagune mass covered with 3 mouths and 4, tentacle-like appendages ending in mouths. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Categories :. You bite your opponent with your Kagune from the left shoulder to the right shoulder. This attack can be used in a pretty long range. It is also capable of stealing health but doesn't do as much damage as some of its attacks.

This attack deals low damage but steals a small amount of health from the person hit by it. Your Kagune enters the ground in front of you, then rises up from the ground at your enemy, attacking suddenly and causing medium damage.

This attack can be used in long-range as if you can faintly see the NPC or player's name, that is how long it can attack. However, you cannot attack while jumping or the foe is too far, jumping, or too high or low from the user. You jump into the air using your kagune to propel you upwards.


As you jump an equivalent of two arena tiles or two CCG lab containers and come down with a great force dealing high damage.

This attack has a small AOE and seems centered around the area the player is facing. You are immune to most damage while using this attack, but you can still be affected by stuns, grabs, etc. You bury your kakuja tentacles in the ground, causing them to rise up from where you point your mouse cursor, healing yourself when hitting an enemy and closing a kakuja mouth. You attack and bite forward with your kakuja tentacles, healing yourself when hitting an enemy and closing a kakuja mouth.

You launch your tongue from one of your kakuja mouths to grab, pull and bite your target, healing yourself when hitting an enemy and closing a kakuja mouth. The damage, radius, and heals increase depending on the amount of the mouths you have closed. After choosing a designated location with your mouse, you launch off into the air and land at your designated location, exploding while launching and landing.The RO ghoul is playable fiction that players can choose and create a save on.

They are referral source of ghouls which are carnivorous and cannibalistic species. They feed on humans and other ghouls. So comes the RO ghoul codes which are remarkable codes and have red colour in their rank that is a system used by the CCG and red tone to the user interface.

They are only bought out by official Roblox staff members. These coupons are issued by administrators to be used on Roblox for a free item. Ro- ghoul possesses many codes which are going to give you different rewards if redeemed. Most of them are the advertisement codes for the Ro Ghoul You Tuber and for special event code that gives various in-game rewards.

But if you want to copy code here, any capitalization and any punctuation must be copied correctly and typed out correctly in the chat for it to be redeemed.

As a ghoul, you can live peacefully or while spreading genocide, but you will always be in fear of being hunted and killed by other ghouls or by humans that are trained to kill the ghouls. Your main job is to protect and risk your life for people from these monsters eating human flesh. Be sure to do anything that you can to become strong and to do quests to build up your reputation which one can use to gain currency per point of reputation. Even you can fight with other players, hang out with friends or even organize competitions.

Using this you can also fight with master and gain a lot of EXP points. So if you have redeemed a code while starting a CCG you cannot swap to the other side and then redeem it again.

These are used for wearing and hiding their eyes when masks are covered. But in the game, these masks are completely aesthetic. For equipping your masks press M and your masks will be put on.

As per new updates you are going to get a duelling arena point that has new restrictions. Both the players and the target must be at least level You and the target must not be in the same group. Your email address will not be published. Roblox Technology. By admin on Friday, March 27, Table of Contents.